Correction Reflection

For those that are in conservative portfolios with little or no equity allocation, the current market just confirms the reason why you are in such a strategy. For those with a larger allocation to equities, markets dips like these are certainly not enjoyable. Our commentary just three months ago (“What’s Real” 05/08/15) mentioned our expectation of a pullback. We have not seen a ten percent correction in over three years. You can see from the table below, how common pullbacks are. The upside to any meaningful market pullback is making sure rebalancing occurs in order to take advantage of the cheaper prices market downturns provide. Successful investors see opportunity when others see doom. No one can consistently predict when market declines will happen, no one can predict how long a decline will last, and no one can predict the right time to get in or out of the market. What you can count on is if you have a risk-based-strategy focusing on your goals, then add in proper diversification and a systematic approach to rebalancing, your portfolio should stay on its correct path.

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