Time Discipline

Everything in the financial world evolves around artificial time. Earnings releases, performance, economic data, opening bell, closing bell and on and on. Timeframes rule our lives; when you get paid, when a dividend or interest payment comes in, when to take social security, when you begin your required minimum distribution. It would be interesting if we all had to finish this sentence, “if I didn’t look at a calendar or clock I would feel ________.” What would your word be? Scared…..Free….Anxious…..Alive.

So, is there point to this? Yes…three points actually.

First, enjoy your days. Managing mostly retirement portfolios, we’ve seen people who are good at retirement, and some who are not so good at retirement. We all have a window to enjoy our hard earned retirement years, so enjoy them.

Secondly, try not to feel stressed about money. This is difficult and much of our job at Windsor is to relieve some of that stress. We want clients to enjoy their cash flow, see low volatility, and know their assets will be there for them as long as they need them. Stress isn’t good for the body or mind….a good, stable, and well-diversified portfolio is.

Lastly, don’t short-date your retirement goals and objectives. Meaning, don’t let the daily, quarterly, or even yearly stock market moves dictate your retirement. Your retirement objectives and needs should dictate your investment allocation and diversification, but, don’t let the ups and downs of the stock market affect your daily life. Windsor was founded on the principal of wanting clients to focus on enjoying friends, family, and time, (artificial or not) without the worry of running out of money.

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